Kompresor AC Danfoss MT81HP4AVEEE

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Kompresor AC

Spesifikasi Kompresor AC Danfoss MT81HP4AVEEE

Kompresor AC Danfoss Maneurop MT81HP4AVE MT81-4VM

01. Model number ( on compressor nameplate) MT81HP4AVE 02. Suction connection 1-3/ 4" Rotolock 03. Discharge connection 1-1/ 4" Rotolock 04. Suction connection with supplied sleeve 1-1/ 8" ODF 05. Discharge connection with supplied sleeve 3/ 4" ODF 06. Oil sight glass Threaded 07. Oil equalisation connection 3/ 8' ' flare SAE 08. Oil drain connection None 09. LP gauge port Schrader 10. Internal pressure relief valve 30 bar / 8 bar 11. Cylinders - 12. Swept volume 135.8 cm3/ rev 13. Displacement at 50 Hz 23.6 m3/ h 14. Displacement at 60 Hz 28.5 m3/ h 15. Nominal speed at 50 Hz 2900 rpm 16. Nominal speed at 60 Hz 3600 rpm 17. Nominal voltage at 50 Hz 380-400V/ 3/ 50Hz 18. Nominal voltage at 60 Hz 460V/ 3/ 60Hz 19. Voltage range at 50 Hz 340-440 V 20. Voltage range at 60 Hz 414-506 V 21. Winding resistance ( between phases) 1.9 Ohm 22. Winding resistance ( between phases 1-2) 1.9 Ohm 23. Winding resistance ( between phases 1-3) 1.9 Ohm 24. Winding resistance ( between phases 2-3) 1.9 Ohm 25. Main winding resistance - 26. Start winding resistance - 27. Maximum Continuous Current ( MCC) 19 A 28. Maximum Must Trip current ( MMT) - 29. Locked Rotor Current ( LRA) 80 A 30. Motor protection Internal overload protector 31. Net weight 41 kg 32. Oil charge 2 litre 33. Oil type Mineral - 160P 34. Approved refrigerants R22, R417A-160PZ 35. Refrigerant charge limit 5 kg 36. Approvals ( CE) CE certified 37. Approvals ( UL) UL certified ( file SA6873) 38. Approvals ( CCC) - 39. Maximum system test pressure LP side 25 bar( g) 40. Maximum system test pressure HP side 30 bar( g) 41. Maximum differential test pressure 30 bar 42. Maximum number of starts per hour 12


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Product details


Gross weight44.5 Kg
Net weight42 Kg


Approval standardCE

Brand techniqueReciprocating compressor
Capacity controlFixed speed
Compressor power supply [V/Ph/Hz]380/3/60
Configuration codeSingle
Connection typeRotolock
Diameter [mm]288 mm
Discharge connection height [mm]74 mm
Discharge connection mounting torque [Nm]90 N-m
Discharge connection pipe size [in]3/4 in
Discharge connection rotolock size [in]1 1/4 in
Discharge connection size [in]1 1/4 in
Discharge connection sleeve pipe size [in]3/4 in
Drawing number8502012g
Factory HP [bar]25 bar
Factory LP [bar]25 bar
Fitting remark(shipped with rotolock version only)
Fitting sleeveODF
Fitting standardRotolock
Frequency [Hz]60
Gauge port HPNone
Gauge port LPSchrader
Generation codeA
Glass mountingThreaded
Glass torque [Nm]50 N-m
GP LP torque [Nm]15 N-m
High side max pressure (Ps)27.8 bar
High value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V]0 V
High value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V]380 V
High value of voltage range at 50Hz [V]0 V
High value of voltage range at 60Hz [V]418 V
IP protection classIP55 (with cable gland)
Low side max pressure (Ps)18.4 bar
Low value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V]0 V
Low value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V]380 V
Low value of voltage range at 50Hz [V]0 V
Low value of voltage range at 60Hz [V]342 V
LRA100 A
MCC18.5 A
Model numberMT81HN9AVE
Motor protectionInternal overload protector
Mounting torque [Nm]15 N-m
Nominal cooling capacity 60 kBTU/h70.31 KBtu/h
Nominal cooling capacity at 50Hz15.6 kW
Nominal cooling capacity at 60Hz20.6 kW
Number of starts per hour [Max]12
Oil charge [L]1.8 L
Oil equalization3/8'' flare SAE
Oil equalization torque [Nm]30 N-m
Oil reference160P
Packaging height [mm]550 mm
Packaging length [mm]1150 mm
Packaging weight [Kg]263 kg
Packaging width [mm]800 mm
Packing formatIndustrial pack
Packing quantity6
Power connectionsSpade
Product typeMT
Refrigerant charge [kg] [Max]5 kg
Relief valve30 bar/8 bar
Rotational speed at 50Hz [rpm]0 rpm
Rotational speed at 60Hz [rpm]3500 rpm
Segment usageAir conditioning

Refrigeration MT
Shipped fittingsSuction and discharge solder sleeves, rotolock nuts and gaskets
Shipped instructionsInstallation instructions
Shipped mountingMounting kit with grommets, bolts, nuts, sleeves and washers
Shipped oilInitial oil charge
Suction connection height [mm]265 mm
Suction connection mounting torque [Nm]110 N-m
Suction connection pipe size [in]7/8 in
Suction connection rotolock size [in]1 3/4 in
Suction connection size [in]1 3/4 in
Suction connection sleeve pipe size [in]7/8 in
Swept volume [cm3]120.94 cm3
Test dif [bar] [Max]30 bar
Test HP [bar] [Max]30 bar
Test LP [bar] [Max]25 bar
Torque earth [Nm]3 N-m
Torque power [Nm]3 N-m
Total height [mm]413 mm
Type designationCompressor
Viscosity [cP]32 cP
Winding resistance for three-phase compressors with identical windings [Ohm]1.35 Ohm



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